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ÆroDynamic | Archive 2004–2016

Harma Everts, soprano | Stephanie Brandt & María Martínez Ayerza, recorders

Soprano Harma Everts and recorder players Stephanie Brandt and María Martínez Ayerza founded ÆroDynamic in June 2004 and worked together until August 2016. In this page you can find more information about their activities, a collection of audio and video recordings and order their CD The Garden with Countless Windows. 

At first, ÆroDynamic had a strong focus on contemporary music. In fact, they originally came together to prepare a challenging composition, Il Terzo Congegno del Sole Passante by Gabriele Manca, for a final recital at the Conservatoire. Inspired to generate more repertoire for their setting, they commissioned new music from international composers with the financial support of Finnish Council of the Arts and the Dutch Performing Arts Fund. 

Complete list of compositions written for ÆroDynamic

ÆroDynamic also explored "the avant-garde of the past", in particular the French, Italian and English repertoire of the 14th and 15th centuries, with occasional excursions into the music of the late Renaissance. 

In concerts and recordings, ÆroDynamic featured cylindrical recorders, Renaissance models after Rafi and Bassano and modern instruments ranging from baroque-style recorders to the Helder tenor and the square basses by Herbert Paetzold, creating a diverse sound spectrum. On stage they also experimented with the use of visual elements such as dance, movement, video projections and theatrical elements to unify and strengthen their performance. 

Their CD The Garden with Countless Windows (Lindoro) appeared in 2012 and features a collection of medieval and contemporary compositions on change, a universal theme in music and poetry through the ages. A second album, Ley y Juegos de Amor, sponsored by the Fundación de Cultura Ciudad de Cuenca, is free to listen - check out the audio player at the bottom of this page!

ÆroDynamic was a finalist at the National Chamber Music Competition in Almere (May 2005) and won the Second Prize in the Trio category at the 10th International Contemporary Chamber Music Competition in Krakow (Poland) in September 2005. In 2015 they were awarded the Audience Prize of the Fringe of the Utrecht Early Music Festival. During their active years they performed at festivals and concert series in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the UK and Spain.

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Lindoro NL-3012 (2012)

Arnhold • Auvinen • Gaskill • Nasopoulou

J. da Bologna • Ciconia • Dufay • Dunstaple • Power

€ 18,– (shipping costs included)

The Garden with Countless Windows

Promotional clip of ÆroDynamic's album

Aspasia Nasopoulou: Rodia = SO2H4

Video art: Alexandros Kyrkos

J. de Urrede: Nunca fue pena mayor

Recorded in 2011

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